Data Source: aws_api_gateway_export

Example Usage

data "aws_api_gateway_export" "example" {
rest_api_id = aws_api_gateway_stage.example.rest_api_id
stage_name = aws_api_gateway_stage.example.stage_name
export_type = "oas30"

Argument Reference

  • export_type - (Required) Type of export. Acceptable values are oas30 for OpenAPI 3.0.x and swagger for Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0.
  • rest_api_id - (Required) Identifier of the associated REST API.
  • stage_name - (Required) Name of the Stage that will be exported.
  • accepts - (Optional) Content-type of the export. Valid values are application/json and application/yaml are supported for export_type ofoas30 and swagger.
  • parameters - (Optional) Key-value map of query string parameters that specify properties of the export. the following parameters are supported: extensions='integrations' or extensions='apigateway' will export the API with x-amazon-apigateway-integration extensions. extensions='authorizers' will export the API with x-amazon-apigateway-authorizer extensions.

Attributes Reference

  • body - API Spec.
  • content_type - Content-type header value in the HTTP response.
  • content_disposition - Content-disposition header value in the HTTP response.



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